Our philosophy is centered around the simple principle that no two investors are alike. Every client situation is separate and distinct, and should be treated with a high degree of personal attention to individual aspirations. At Riverbend Capital Advisors we are dedicated to helping clients achieve their unique goals, including preservation of principal investment, maintenance of purchasing power, and maximization of tax-exempt income over the long term.

We believe that the appropriate combination of yield curve optimization, prudent yet opportunistic bond selection, tactical adjustments designed to take advantage of market inefficiency, and periodic rebalancing will produce attractive risk adjusted returns over time.  Riverbend Capital does not use leverage or derivatives of any kind, nor do we make interest rate bets or speculative market calls. We also avoid passive strategies that can actually increase the risk in client portfolios.

Our mission is to deliver consistent levels of tax-exempt income over time, through varying market environments and regardless of short-term price fluctuation.  We are steadfast in our dedication to serving the needs of our clients and to helping them to achieve their objectives.