Riverbend Capital Advisors is a boutique investment firm focused on the municipal bond market at a time when there has never been more of a need for specialization in this asset class.

Our proactive portfolio management is opportunistic and tactical. We seek to capitalize on muni market inefficiencies on behalf of our clients. No passive strategies that may leave clients exposed to added risks.

Priority is given to achieving client investment goals rather that attempting to compare favorably with an index benchmark. Real results are what count and they are measured in terms of cash flows that can be reinvested or spent.

We seek to obtain the most cost effective execution for our clients. Our pricing is completely transparent. We charge no mark-ups or commissions whatsoever. Our fee-based approach ensures that our motivation is aligned with client goals at all times.

Riverbend has well-established, longtime relationships with dozens of national and regional broker-dealers. This network provides us with access to a broad selection of primary and secondary bond offerings for our clients, as well as essential up-to-date market color.

Transparency is critical in the current environment. We utilize independent custodians to provide clients with the highest possible level of visibility to their portfolios and our process.

We are easily accessible to our clients and offer a high level of personalized service.

Riverbend Capital Advisors is independent, employee owned, and SEC registered.